Born in a little village close to Rotterdam, Dick de Witte always had a gift to entertain. He was only eleven when he produced Puppet Shows for the local kids. The audience liked it and so did the local press. In the same period he took the first steps in music at the local drumband.


It didn’t take too long before Dick suddenly found himself constantly being asked to perform at local gatherings and the Birthday parties of his friends.The Puppet Shows made place for magic. At only 15 years old he gave performances as a Chinese magician "Diwi" and later as "Bianco". This was to be the beginning of his amazing career.


His career became real serious when he met his wife. They formed a duo named John and Yvonne and became Dutch champions of magic in 1974. This was the start of their professional career, with shows in America , England, Spain, Germany, Hungary, France, Egypt, etc.


During his foreign tours he began to realise comedy was the way forward and started to develop his own comedy act. "The Great Mr. X". In this act Dick played a failing magician with crazy madcap capers.


Dick discovered by this magic parody his comic brio. Additionally he worked hard for his musical skills. This way arose gradually his musical comedy act "Music & Comedy". Approx. 1985 got this act its fixed form. The act became such a success that as a result, he stopped magic and moved into the comedy field.


In 1990, Dick was rewarded with the first price during the extremely popular TV programm Showmasters.